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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

: : : Writing : : :

Salam all.. I know it has been a longggggg hiatus :)


When writing a simple one paragraph of my research background has become a huge troublesome to me, I think I am gonna need a real kick start on blogging again.
My aim is to have more frequent post week by week... I hope..

Rather than browsing for hours on the online shopping websites, why not spending more hours on blogging right? At least it can be my little diary once I opened it years in the future..
Speaking about online shopping websites, no, I'm not an impulsive buyer nor a real shopaholic like Becky Bloomwood . Don't get me wrong :)

Alright, works have made me a bit accupied more recently.  An overdue report waiting for corrections, digging my fundamental on nonlinear analysis and mant more.

Till fingers meet my keyboard again. 

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